My E83W Pickup

Ford E83W steel backed pickup

I have recently become the owner of a rare steel backed pickup, from the mid 50's.  It is of a pre-war design and is a 10CWT Ford E83W.  This is powered by a small side valve engine with a capacity of 1172cc.

It has not been on the road for many years but is fairly sound and most of it is there.  It was dismantled by one of it's previous owners, and will be up to me to try and piece it back together!

I purchased it off Rick, who has just re-commissioned another E83W pickup, so at least I will have one to refer to should I or more likely when I get stuck!  

When finished it is going to be used for carrying out light duties, at a nice slow pace!  They have a top speed of about 34mph but prefer to do less than that.

I am looking forward to getting my hands stuck into this project as I have wanted a pre-war style vehicle for sometime now!

Watch this space for some photos of what she is like now, these will be added very shortly and then photos throughout the work being done.

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