E83W Restoration page 1


I will be documenting the restoration/rebuilding of my new (old) E83W pickup, there will be brief details and pictures linking to a few more in depth explanations for anyone who is interested in having a laugh at all of the mistakes I will make!  


My pickup, more or less as it arrived, with me standing next to it and my penny farthing in the shot just for good measure!
The back of the pickup, is remarkably solid and has obviously had much work done to it over it's 50 year life!
The cab with the doors removed, they are quite heavy!
The cab with the floor sections lifted out!
The front end with the bonnets removed
The grille has now been removed
Similar shot to above but from the front
Both outer wings are bolted on and were easily removed with the help of a little penetrating fluid!  The wing on the right hand side in this shot was actually held on with a few bolts and believe it or not a thread tap!!  That has now joined my old tool collection!
The inner wings have also been unbolted and removed now!
The cab is being stored on top of the rear body for now, handy having a pickup!!
The engine is now accessible without the cab on
The engine on a trolley, the engine was remarkably light, two of us managed to lift it out!  The back body was a little heavier, but two of us manage to lift it off, prior to nearly snapping our backs!  I think I will call a little help in before replacing it!
Dave lifting the chassis onto the side, I did not have to help him honest!!  I did however decide that it would be easier to wire brush and prime the chassis on it's side, I managed to prime the front half whilst lying under it, but I had to shave my head later that night to remove the matted locks of hair the paint had caused!
The chassis whilst wire brushing the rear half of the chassis
The chassis half painted in primer
The engine then the back body and finally the chassis on it's side, it looks like a terrible accident and that isn't to far wrong!
My mate Dave doing a little arc welding to one of the rear body mounts that has gone very thin, We couldn't be bothered to take the chassis to the other welder just for a little patch!
Sorry I hold my hands up to this one, I had worked very hard all day and it has never happened before, honest!  Damn shame I got caught and that a photo was taken as proof!
This is some sign writing on the drivers door, that I want to uncover and to trace it off, I will also take some high quality photos of it.  This will enable me to resurrect it whenever I want to and also it is a piece of history to be kept with the pickup.  I have been told prior to this sign writing there was a  big cog painted on the door, so if I could uncover this also it would be fantastic.  There was also sign writing over the screen so that will need a rub down and investigating!
Jobs to be done, finish priming the frame and then topcoat it with Chassis black.  Check and where necessary renew the bushes in the suspension and kingpins, check and replace any parts on the brakes and then mount the engine.  Over Christmas I am hoping to get the engine running, ready to piece all of the pieces back together and rebuild in the new year.  This will include some bodywork and painting so keep checking back for updates and for more pictures.