Tools & Foot pumps

I am always looking for old tools to buy, anything would be considered, large or small lots, rusty and worn or well oiled!  I have a strange desire to collect old foot pumps, so please contact me, I have about 8 or 9 so far after 3 weeks of collecting much to the annoyance of my parents!!  (Don't let this put you off however, they gave up long ago!)  Also if anyone has any wood-woodworking tools, I may be interested in those as well!  Feel free to email me.


Mini parts

I also keep an eye out for mini parts, and should you have any to sell, email me!

I am particularly interested in sidewalk interiors, period features and photos.


E83W parts

I am also interested to hear about any Ford E83W/Fordson 10cwt items, 

I am also interested in any manuals or paperwork/photos you have of them!  Feel free to email me.


Penny Farthing

I am looking for a Penny Farthing cycle, or less commonly known as an ordinary.  It can either be restored or needs some work.  It needs to be about 54" or 56" and preferably an original, but I may consider a replica to get me out on the road again, whilst I revamp my replica.

Please get in touch email me.


If you have anything to do with the above that you are getting rid of, or selling then email me.  If I don't need them I may know people who do!