Other Miniís and Especially Other Sidewalks

Gary purchased his Sidewalk from Derbyshire 3 years ago, and has added wide wheels, arches, Hi/Lo suspension, centre consol and Viper stripes.  It has had a partial re spray with new front panels and now had some angel lights fitted which look great.

It has been shown in Mini World magazine (I Love my Mini Section)

Centre consol and 'furry dice'!

Very tidy Sidewalk interior

Obviously loved by all the family!!

This is Sue's sidewalk

Very Neat !!

This is Davey's sidewalk - (3 month's into the restoration, Aug 06)

"I took these photo's to show how bad the car was, but it actually looks pretty good now.  Originally it had fungus all over and masses of rust.  In fact I was considering just letting it go for 50-100 quid!  No chances of that now though  The A post rear panel in the first picture has just been re-sprayed (because there was almost nothing left of it!) terrible for an N plate, but that's the Scottish weather for you."

"The second picture shows the amount of cattaloy needed to repair the corrosion under the front headlight.  I had considered blending out the seam for a custom look (just for laziness really) but I've carefully used a file to re-create the original look. The photo's were taken four days ago and there's been a big change since then.  It's already passed an MOT, but I want standards way over and above that. That said it should be ready by the end of the week!"

" I have a very rare rear window spoiler that I'm currently spraying Kingfisher blue - that colour's a bitch to blend by the way - but it should set off the car beautifully."

This is Gill's sidewalk

1995 - original colour, tartan seats etc.  Two lady owners with only 27,000 on the clock.  Really good car, deep down just needs some cosmetic work like most minis actually.

Let's hope this will become a really sound mini as far as the body goes, again very soon.  Keep us posted Gill!

This is Richard's immaculate Sidewalk with added chrome work

Peaks on the headlights and four spots

A very neat interior!


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