My Mini Sidewalk

Freshly cleaned and polished

Some modifications made during the early part of 2004:

Four spots, two fogs and two drive lamps enable me to see properly at night. Fitted in February 2004, had a little trouble with the electrics and nearly set fire to the inside twice, I certainly won't be doing that again!

I'm really pleased with the look of the spots, what do you think? 

I fitted a second Cobra New Clubman seat with tailored subframe in January 2004, keeping the originals though

An after market mountey steering wheel


Sidewalk Update 13th May 2006

I have decided to renew the door seals on both front doors and the finishing strips down the side of the car by the sills.  These are to go on my shopping list for Himley Hall British Mini Day.  I have discovered a small leak at the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side, this will also need sorting out.

There are also a few spots of rust that need sorting before they grow into larger areas.  I have fully under-sealed the car What a nice job that was, I had the stuff all over me, but not to worry as it is about the best stuff to put on the underside of your car in my opinion!

I am using the Sidewalk as my every day vehicle at the moment, until my wallet runs off and buys another car without me knowing, honest!!

Sidewalk Update 27th Dec 2006

Well I have been rather busy with a certain Ford Pickup recently so unfortunately the mini has taken somewhat of a backseat.  I haven't actually done the front door seals or the finishing strips on the sills, although I have bought these!  I am going to have a day soon in my garage sorting the leak on the windscreen of both minis, the estate one is really bad and leaks in drizzle but the sidewalk only leaks when you spray it with the hose!  Having the estate in the garage and only usually coming out in the dry, this is not desperate! 

The rust spots are growing, but after inspection, I have decided to let them be through this winter and have another inspection next year, then replace the whole panels to do a proper job! 

Like it says above I am still using the Sidewalk as my everyday car and has recently clocked over to 50,000 miles.  You have to use a mini all year round until you have a good idea what a fun car they really are, sure they have bad points but they are greatly outweighed by the good points!

My Wallet has run off and bought another car, well actually a pickup but it does not change me having to use the sidewalk everyday as it is in a less than MOT condition should I say!  It will be useable by the end of the summer 2007 with a little luck, not finished but useable!  See E83W Restoration.