Clubman Estate Photo Shoot - May 2006


The mini magazine featuring the Estate in their 'Buyer's Guide' has now come out!  It went on sale on July the 11th

I am really happy about the pictures and the feature except for what has been written about my particular car, “Have you done much to it?  Not much…”   When I was at the photo shoot, I told them exactly what I had done to the car and I can honestly say that it was a little more than not much!

I suppose the main thing is that I know what has been done to the car, this includes; new inner and outer sills, new floor pans, repairs to the rear doors, a full respray, brakes being put back to the original drums, arches removed, standard steel wheels reinstated.  And many more time consuming activities!!

Also they have not included the address to this website, but never mind.

Photos below were taken at the Castle Coomb race circuit and also inside the studio, showing the pictures being taken for the magazine.

The photo above shows my friend Steven Edgar with the Estate at the Castle Coomb Race circuit.

The photo below shows me with the estate at the Castle Coomb Race circuit

The above car looks almost like a dinky car!

The mini magazine issue that features the Estate, is the one that has had a complete face lift for the 10th Birthday special.  The feature is almost at the back of the magazine.

See the magazine shoot page to see copies of the photo's they took on the day, and later used in the magazine!